West Tennessee Region
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Land Evaluation Rules and Information

Event Procedures
(Official Dress not required)

4 person teams with a drop score

4 - pits @ 100 pts. ea

Scantron Needed: TN - Land (601TN-1)
will need one card per student, even alternates

Top 4 Teams Advance to State
(State location rotates between regions)

Please pre-register for the Lexington Soils Invitational and the West TN Soils Contest in plenty of time so that your points will count!  
Also you will need to register for the Invitational independently of the CDE.

Please email jjffa@hotmail.com if there any questions about the scorecard, rules, or other general information. 

Location: UTM

Check-In: 3:00 pm
Start Time: 3:30 pm

CDE Chairmen: Josh Abel and Jeffrey Sartain


Land Judging Guide Book West TN FFA Admin 9/24/2019 3067 KB



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