West Tennessee Region
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Rules and Regulations






1      Make sponsorship checks payable to West Tennessee FFA Awards Program and send to Jeremy Fair, 1080 McLaughlin Drive, Munford, TN 38058. Missy Hammond will serve as assistant treasurer.  Sponsorship monies must be received 10 days prior to the banquet to be included in the banquet program.


2      The program insofar as divisions are concerned shall be as follows:


a)      Instructional Division

b)      Supervised Agricultural Experience Division

c)      Leadership Division

d)     Most Improved Chapter

e)      Champion Single Teacher Department


3      The Leadership Report form shall be filled out online at westtnffa.ffanow.org no later than March 1, 2023.


4      Invited to the West Tennessee FFA Awards Banquet shall be:


a)      One ticket to each student for 250 points or more earned exhibiting crops, horticulture and livestock in fairs and shows.

 b)      Regional Winners, 1st through 6th place, and District winners in all CDEs.

 c)      West Tennessee winners and two Parents in:

i)        Star in Agribusiness

ii)      Star Farmer

iii)    Star in Placement

iv)    Star in Agriscience

v)      Star Greenhand 

 d)     West Tennessee Winners and two Parents of the scholarship recipients recognized at the West TN Awards Banquet.

 e)    All first place proficiency award winners

f)     All first place Agriscience Fair project winners

h)    All Regional Straight to State CDE/LDE winners

 i)       Teachers of Agricultural Education and a minimum of two (2) FFA members per teacher from each chapter paying state dues.  (Earned tickets shall be subtracted from this number.)

 j)      County and City Directors of Schools, Principals or Guidance Counselors, Local Career and Technical Education Directors and sponsors.

 k)      Parents of Regional Officers.

 l)        Additional Tickets can be purchased for $25 each.


 5      Duplicate tickets to the Awards Banquet are eliminated.

 6      The Awards Committee shall be in charge of tickets to the banquet.

 7      A letter may be sent by the Executive Committee to all chapters concerning conduct of members at the banquet.

 8      Committees:

  A. Sub-Committee appointed to make minor decisions for Executive Committee:

             Awards Committee Chairman

            West TN FFA Regional Consultant


      B.  Finance Auditing Committee:

            2024 Conference                                2023 Conference

            District 4 Advisor                               District 1 Advisor

            District 5 Advisor                               District 2 Advisor

            District 6 Advisor                               District 3 Advisor


C.  Awards Committee

             District 1: Jon Holden (term ends 2024)
             District 2: Chance Young (term ends in 2024)
             District 3: Ashley Moore (term ends 2026)
             District 4: Jerry Johnson (term ends 2023) 
             District 5: Aaron Gibson (term ends 2026)
             District 6: Dakota Brasher (term ends 2023) 

            Jeremy Fair, Treasurer

            Laura Moss, Recording Secretary

            West TN FFA Consultant, Ex officio member


9. All applications must be complete and on the current form in order to receive points within the Awards Program. …current forms both printed and online can be found at http://westtnffa.ffanow.org



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